Weird Garden - A Tower Defense Game


The challenge at hand was to develop a prototype inspired by the beloved game "Plants vs. Zombies", while infusing it with creative twists to make it stand out. The primary task was to replicate the core mechanics and gameplay dynamics of the original game while introducing novel elements that would engage players and provide a fresh experience.



We chose Unity and C# for programming, along with Photoshop and Illustrator for sprite design. After dissecting "Plants vs. Zombies", we retained its core gameplay while infusing it with surprises. Our prototype featured the iconic lane-based defense system, but we introduced novel elements like customizable plant abilities, dynamic environments, and diverse enemy behaviors. These additions maintained the addictive gameplay while offering new challenges. Our sprites, crafted in Photoshop and Illustrator, ensured a polished look.



Our prototype paid homage to the essence of "Plants vs. Zombies" while introducing novel concepts. Players embraced its familiar charm, now revitalized with strategic depth from customized plant abilities and interactive elements. The project not only showcased our technical expertise but also our knack for innovation within established genres. This impact extended beyond the prototype, setting a standard for future game development. By fusing nostalgia with innovation, we crafted an engaging prototype that fueled excitement for a possible full game. This achievement underscored our skills and paved the way to capture players' hearts, much like the original "Plants vs. Zombies."